Save Favorite Listings

How to add and compare your favorite listings.

When finding a property that you like, it can be added to your favorites. This can be useful to keep an eye on the property for a price reduction and can also be used for a side by side comparison of all the properties in your favorites list.

Adding a property to your favorites.

  1. This can be done by selecting the “heart” button next to the listing after performing a search using the custom search page. 
  2. It can also be done by clicking on the “add to list” button or “heart” button of a specific property details page. 

View my favorite listings.

All of your favorite listings can be seen by going to your dashboard. If you are not a registered user and have selected your favorite listings, simply create an account and they will be saved automatically.

Comparing my favorite listings.

To view a side by side comparion of your favorite listings you can select compare favorites from the tools menu.